PEHOA Gate Access 

2017 Gate Access Registration Form.

Please provide the name and phone number to be programmed into the gate access system on the form.  Programming is done every 3rd Wednesday of the month and information must be received the Monday prior to, by 5 pm.  Unscheduled or immediate programming request will be charged $50 and must be paid prior to programming. The form must be completely filled out and submitted to the HOA Management by the homeowner or property manager to   Please take note that the HOA and Management can only accept a request from the homeowner.  If you have concerns or requests, you must communicate them to your landlord and they will contact the HOA management.


Neighborhood information and updates are available on our website or call 646-7746.


Click here to view the new Paradise Gate Operation instructions.


Paradise Estates Subdivision

If you are like us, you choose to live in Paradise Estates because of its quiet residential lifestyle. Whether you are renting in paradise, or you are an owner that has made a substantial investment in a home, we all share the common desire to make and keep Paradise Estates a great place to live.


Paradise Estates is a community of 381 single family homes in Dededo, the heart of Northern Guam. All Phases – I, II, III and IV of the subdivision have already been completed.


Paradise Estates is located about 10 minutes from Andersen Air Force Base, and 15 minutes from Naval Communication Station. There is also shopping, dining, and movie theaters within a short 10-minute drive from the subdivision.

We are dedicated to making and keeping Paradise Estates a good and safe place for you to reside, as well as a great investment for you far into the future.


We are just developing this web site for you to get needed information, and keep up to date on our latest projects. Come and visit us often and check out what is new.